Mind Map for Peng Mike, (2010) Global - Chapter 1 GLOBALIZING BUSINESS
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  1. is the close integration of countries and peoples of the world (1)
    1. some evidence in economy includes
        1. crossboarder
          1. for example
          2. GLOBAL BUSINESS
            1. around the globe
                1. operating in multiples countries, these firms do foreign direct investment, usually under control of an expatriate manager who receives and international premium for working outside native country.
            2. keeping in mind factors as
              1. FORMAL AND INFORMAL INSTITUTIONS (rules of the game)
                1. SCENARIO PLANNING (preparation for several scenarios, not only high risk ones)
                  1. RISK MANAGEMENT (identification and planning for risks)
                    1. PURCHASING POWER PARITY (conversion that sets equivalent amount of goods and services in different currencies)
                      1. EMERGING ECONOMIES (countries in development)
                        1. GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (total values produced by firms, households and government)
                          1. LIABILITY OF FOREIGNESS (condition that foreign firms have to asset in order to stablish in a host country)
                        2. coming into play
                          1. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China emerging economies)
                            1. GROUP OF 20 (19 major economies and the EU, meeting to solve economic problems)
                              1. TRIAD (developed economies like USA, Japan and Western Europe)
                                1. BASE OF THE PYRAMID (most humans, doing less than $2000 a year)
                                  1. NGOs (organizations not affiliated with governments)
                                  2. some views on this include
                                    1. SEMIGLOBALIZATION
                                      1. suggests that barriers for market integration are not high enough
                                      2. INSTITUTION BASED VIEW
                                        1. suggests that firms depend on institution framework
                                        2. RESOURCE BASED VIEW
                                          1. suggests that firms depend on internal resources
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