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Map Mind 1
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Map Mind 1
  1. Unit 1: "The Working Day"
    1. Describing jobs. Company Departments.
      1. A Personal Assistant prioritize appointments.
        1. Quality Control Department has received several complaints about faulty goods.
        2. Present Simple Past Continuous.
          1. He runs a chain of steak bars. They're redesigning the uniforms.
        3. Unit 2: "Corporate Culture"
          1. Collocations.
            1. Staff are allowed to dress casually.
              1. The market is expanding quickly.
              2. Asking for information
                1. What are your plans for the future?
                  1. Who do you work for?
                2. Unit 3" "Company History"
                  1. Company Background
                    1. Rowntree's were a famous company who made confectionery products. The Rowntree family started the company in the 19th Century in England.
                    2. Past Simple
                      1. Why were they so successful?
                        1. How did the company begin?
                      2. Unit 4: "The Internet"
                        1. Company Websites
                          1. A good website has to be user friendly. Once the website is completed, it's worth getting it listed on the major search engines.
                          2. Formal Expressions
                            1. Dear Mr. Green: I would be grateful if you could send me the catalogue.
                          3. Unit 5: "Describing Equiment"
                            1. Office Objects Leasing Equipment
                              1. A card index is a small and rectangular plastic container for keeping cards.
                                1. Many companies will be happy to try to find the product which meets your needs.
                                2. Problems with equipment
                                  1. The system keeps crashing.
                                    1. The paper keeps jamming.
                                  2. Unit 6: "Processes and Procedures"
                                    1. Active Sentences into Passive Sentences
                                      1. Each ski is tested in the factory.
                                        1. On the Chanel farm the flowers are picked and the petals are put into sacks.
                                        2. Outsourcing and Offshoring
                                          1. Offshoring is when a company relocates production to another company and Outsourcing is handing over process to another provider.
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