18 Claves para vivir con el agua que realmente se necesita


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18 Claves para vivir con el agua que realmente se necesita
  1. General
    1. Compare Counter Vs. Invoice
      1. Check Faucets
        1. Check Pipelines
          1. Avoid toys and games with water
          2. Kitchen
            1. Use Dishwasher
              1. Soak Pots
                1. Cook with little water
                  1. Wash food in Container
                    1. Throw ice to plants
                      1. Don't defrost with water
                      2. Bathroom
                        1. Wash face and teeth closed faucet
                          1. Saving shower
                            1. Low water volume sanitary
                            2. Cleanliness
                              1. Avoid Hose
                                1. Greenwashing Car
                                  1. Pets bathing ashore
                                    1. Washing in adecuated level
                                      1. Water garden once a week
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