Sab7#30 Monitor_Control_Project_Work


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Sab7#30 Monitor_Control_Project_Work
  1. Process: Monitor & Control Project Work Work Process Group : Monitoring & Controlling Knowledge Area:Integration Management
    1. PM Rol: Responsable


      • PM- Project Manager
      1. What is happening on the project, comparing the actual and the forecasted performance to what was planned
        1. Monitoring & Controlling means measuring against the project management plan
        2. Project Plans
          1. EEFs


            • Enterprise Environmental Facto Examples of external Enterprise Environmental Factors are as follows: *Government regulation *Market conditionsI *Political conditions 
            1. OPAs


              • Organizational Process Assets (OPA) *Policies *Procedures *Standard template *General guidelines
              1. Requesting/Approved Changes
                1. Expert Judgemen
                  1. PMIS
                    1. Meetings
                      1. Delirevables : To Close
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