Fairytales vs Gothic genre


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Fairytales vs Gothic genre
  1. -Present in "The Courtship of Mr. Lyon", by Angela Carter.


    1. Definition of a fairytale
      1. "Present in "the courtship of Mr. Lyon"
        1. At the beginning of the story- when she's a lovely, kind, naive girl. At the end, when she starts loving herself and being BRAI she does not show any more the fairytale-type of female.
          1. Fairytale features: the kind happy ending of them together
            1. The enchanted house, kind nice
              1. The setting of this story
              2. "Beauty and the Beast", "The Little Mermaid", "Cinderella"
              3. Definition of a gothic tale
                1. Uses of gothic genre to present a modern perspective: the cigarette, the light on this house, the first mourns of Mr. Lyon before we get to know that he is a good man, the car breaks, and others...
                  1. "Vampire's diaries", "Twilights, between others
                    1. Gothic is represented through the narrative as a way of showing the reader that this is not a stereotypical fairytale, that the women can be the heroine the one that saves a man, that it is a modern story, not another stereotypical one.
                    2. "The courtship of Mr. Lyon"presents a mix of a fairytale with gothic themes
                      1. Angela Carter uses techniques to create a tension of the gothic, inside a fairytale that's not a typical one.
                        1. Not a stereotypical fairytale / not a stereotypical character / Angela Carter plays with the gender roles
                          1. Gender role's reverse
                            1. The girl is not such an innocent silent and summited girl waiting for her prince to come, as in stereotypical fairytales. She challenges the stereotype of women and the stereotype of typical tales by being the protagonist, the heroin that saves the man.
                              1. She saves him, she saves the beast's life
                                1. Why would Angela Carter choose to change these? Why, to show a different view of the roles of females
                            2. Defying typical gender roles
                              1. And typical fairytales
                        2. Is it a fairytale with gothic features, or a gothic story with many fairytale-like
                          1. Carter reminds us that it is not a stereotypic fairytale
                            1. With details such as taking off a cigarette lighter to light the house because it was not
                              1. A stereotypic female in a stereotypic fairytale does not take a cigarette lighter from her sweater!!: "Beauty clicked her gold cigarette lighter"
                                1. Important unusual
                                2. And also introducing gothic themes, such as the description of the house when the father first sees this
                                  1. A deserted-like, little nice house, with only one light turned-on
                                    1. "that house, with its sweet, retiring melancholy grace, would have seemed deserted but for a light..."
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