Fundamentals and teaching natural sciences Basic Education


descripcion de lineamientos y estandares de las ciencias naturales
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Fundamentals and teaching natural sciences Basic Education
  1. importance
    1. looking for students and teachers to hacerquen science as scientists and researchers
      1. Did you mean: It aims to promote the develop curiosity yy persistence, critical, scientific thinking, It AIMS to Develop and Encourage curiosity and persistence, critical, scientific reflection
    2. characteristics
      1. They are clear and public criteria
        1. allow to establish the duties basic quality of the education
          1. You have the rights children of all regions of the country
        2. structure
          1. at the top is formulated the standards general normally are 3 to 5
            1. is desglozan in three columns
              1. first column
                1. I approach to knowledge
                2. second column
                  1. knowledge management
                  2. third column
                    1. Developing liabilities personal and social
              2. utility
                1. facilitates information search the theme will work in each grade level
                  1. refers to what children They should know and know-how to end of each grade
                2. Principios basicos
                  1. standards as read
                    1. after meeting the general structure tables look the attention column Central. management expertise of the natural Sciences
                      1. is divided into
                        1. procedural
                          1. how should I know
                          2. cognitive
                            1. lo que debe saber el estudiante
                              1. what you should know student
                              2. attitudinal
                                1. it is part of doing and know to do
                        2. guidelines
                          1. aims to meet this need for guidance and National criteria on curricula
                            1. seek to promote the study of the foundation pedagogical disciplines, the exchange of experiences context of Educational Projects Institutional.
                            2. They have been created with the aim of
                              1. evolve as the pr Actica It points out aspects to be change, new meaning, delete or include
                              2. The best guidelines will those that foster creativity, solidarity work in microcentros or study groups, increasing and encourage autonomy in school research, innovation and better training of Colombians.
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