Advanced English II- The Cellist of Sarajevo


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The Cellist of Sarajevo
  1. Art is a wound that becomes light
    1. He was Vedran Smailovic, a cellist
      1. One day, at 4:00 p.m. he witnessed something dreadful
        1. 22 people were killed by a mortar shell
          1. So he decided to do what he did best...
            1. Music
              1. In the midst of the battle!
                1. And he was unhurt! What a daring person!
                  1. For the next 22 days, at 4:00
                    1. He played to the rubble...
                      1. ...and to the terrified people...
                        1. This is a haunting story
                          1. Music is a gift we all share equally :)
                            1. THE END
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