Holiday Types

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Holiday Types
  1. Adventure
    1. Incentives
      1. Fun
        1. For anyone - different slopes
          1. Beautiful scenery
            1. Long seasons
              1. Easy transport up and down the mountains
                1. Lots of hotels and shopping places in a nearby village
                2. Skiing
                3. Beach
                  1. Greece
                    1. Incentives
                      1. Good for surfers, or bodyboarding
                        1. Nice, sandy beaches, warm weather and sea
                          1. Foreign foods make the trip more interesting
                            1. Calm, clear sea
                              1. Calm
                                1. Stereotypical houses make the trip seem more exciting
                                  1. Never out of season - always warm
                                2. Heritage
                                  1. National Trust
                                    1. Incentives
                                      1. Good wildlife
                                        1. Beautiful fields and valleys
                                          1. A taste of what life could be like a long time ago
                                            1. Bird watchers will like it
                                              1. Cheap
                                            2. Short City Break
                                              1. New York City
                                                1. Incentives
                                                  1. Great shopping facilities
                                                    1. Good hotels
                                                      1. Nice views out of hotels
                                                      2. Great views
                                                        1. Social events
                                                      3. Health
                                                        1. Kerala
                                                          1. Incentives
                                                            1. Relaxing
                                                              1. It is better than what is in England
                                                                1. Nice landscape mainly in massage places
                                                                  1. No seasonality - doesn't matter when you go
                                                                2. Cultrual
                                                                  1. Rome
                                                                    1. Incentives
                                                                      1. Sunny, warm climate
                                                                        1. All year round, good seasonality
                                                                          1. Good views of amphitheatre
                                                                            1. Beautiful city and landscape
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