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1 Antibodies
1.1 IgG
1.1.1 Most comman. Crosses placenta
1.2 IgM
1.2.1 5 bonding sights Produced by B-Cells Will show in blood tests after infection or Immunity responsible for Agglutination if wrong blood given
1.3 IgA
1.3.1 Found in secretions eg. Protects throat, lungs, stomach etc Found in breast milk
1.4 IgE
1.4.1 Fights Parasites Tells Mast cells and Basophil to release histamine can trigger allergies
2 Symptoms of Immune deficiency
2.1 Reoccurent infections
2.2 Unusual infection sites
2.3 unusual infections
2.4 Immune deficiency Disease
2.4.1 Decrease in Antibodies rises to chest infections etc.
2.4.2 T-cell deficiency AIDs Chemo, cancers ets
2.4.3 Asplena No spleen, sickle cell.
3 Autoimmune diseases
3.1 Mounts an inapropriate response to it's own antibodies
3.1.1 Ezcema, Asthma
3.1.2 Rheumatoid Arthritis
3.1.3 MS
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