Los verbos reflexivos

Pili Rodriguez
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Mind Map on Los verbos reflexivos, created by Pili Rodriguez on 05/21/2013.

Pili Rodriguez
Created by Pili Rodriguez over 6 years ago
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Los verbos reflexivos
1 Things you do to yourself
1.1 lavarse
1.2 ducharse
1.3 maquillarse
1.4 vestirse
1.5 peinarse
1.6 levantarse
2 Things you do to or with each other
2.1 pelearse
2.2 prometerse
2.3 divorciarse
2.4 comunicarse
2.5 odiarse
3 Changes of mood or state
3.1 ponerse rojo (to blush)
3.2 ponerse contento (to become happy)
3.3 ponerse triste (to become sad)
3.4 cansarse (to get tired of)
3.5 enfadarse (to get cross)
3.6 ponerse de mal humor (to get in a mood)
3.7 relajarse (to become relaxed)
4 Feelings or states of mind
4.1 aburrirse
4.2 divertirse
4.3 emocionarse
4.4 preocuparse
4.5 tranquilizarse
5 pronombres reflexivos
5.1 me
5.1.1 te se nos os se
5.2 lavo
5.2.1 lavas lava lavamos laváis lavan

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