Simla Conference 1946/May Statement

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Simla Conference 1946/May Statement
1 Simla Conference May 1946
1.1 Wavell joined 3 man delegation to form British party with 4 reps from Congress and ML
1.2 2 options offered
1.2.1 Option 1 - Preferred Option India as single state with 3 tier structure, made up of: A minimal union govt - responsible for foreign affairs, defence and communication Self-selected regional groupings of provinces, exercising all other govermental powers The existing provinces This option also included the chance that regional groupings would have a chance to secede via plebiscite, to become independent states
1.2.2 Option 2 - Less well Preferred 2 state outcomes Hindustan/Pakistan 2 states would conclude formal treaties with eachother But have no common govt Partition would happen on religious lines
1.3 Reaction
1.3.1 Congress Couldn't agree to either option Both could lead to partition Too much of a compromise
1.3.2 Muslim League Obviously favoured 2nd option Jinnah's health was deteriorating Wanted to be first leader for Pakistan Wouldn't have time to wait for plebiscites in first option
1.3.3 After 2 full sessions, Pethick Lawrence wound up proceedings Not getting anywhere Too much of a compromise for both sides Congress did not want Muslim independent state Muslims only want an independent state
1.4 British Aims of Simla Conference
1.4.1 Option 2 is there to push Congress into supporting first option
1.4.2 Option 1 is there to tempt ML into accepting it - offers seceding and Muslim state govts
2 May statement flow chart
2.1 British decide to go ahead with option 1 despite lack of support
2.1.1 Congress Reject this move Jinnah accepts statement, publically emphasising the sacrifice he made Congress re-interpret May Statement They change it to, when the Muslims move to the North West- after a while they should be able to decide whether they want to be part of India or Pakistan British Accept this interpretation Jinnah is Furious Declares direct Action Day Leads to Great Calcutta Killings

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