Donoghue v. Stevenson (1932)


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Donoghue v. Stevenson (1932)
  1. In 1928 a friend bought May Donoghue a bottle of giniger beer, could not see the contents within the bottle. Drank majority but when poured in the glass discovered a decomposed snail.
    1. Donoghue suffered from illness & shock from the drink, sued the company Stevenson
      1. Originally there had to be a diret buy from the manufacturer, before the buyer could sue the seller
        1. There was no relationship within this case as Donoghue's friend had purchased the bottle not directly from Stevenson but from a cafe.
          1. Case went to an appeal to the House of Lords, delivered a decision favour Donoghue 3-2. The Judgment was delivered by Lord Atkin where the judgment was accepted as the ratio decidendi of the case and therefore consttitute the binding precedent
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