The Past

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Selina Koo
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Western Australian Certificate of Education Physics (Cosmology) Mind Map on The Past, created by Selina Koo on 09/07/2017.

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The Past
1 The Big Bang Theory
1.1 The universe started off as an infinitely small, hot, dense 'dot'
1.2 The universe is continuously expanding
1.3 Evidence for the Big Bang Theory
1.3.1 Hubble's Law The galaxy appears to be moving away at speeds proportional to distance When we say the galaxy is moving away we mean the space around it Space is moving and therefore the galaxy is moving with it Hubble's Law says that the further away the galaxy is, the faster it's moving V = Hd H: Hubble's constant 70 kmsMPc^-1
1.3.2 Remnants of the heat If the universe started as a hot, dense 'dot' there should be remnants of that heat Cosmic microwave background radiation
1.3.3 The abundance of 'light' elements i.e. Hydrogen and Helium The light elements form to make heavier elements Need more light to make heavy
2 The Steady State Theory
2.1 Postulates of the Steady State Theory
2.1.1 The universe is infinitely big
2.1.2 The universe has always existed
2.1.3 The universe is constant
2.2 Expansion of the universe
2.2.1 Agrees that the universe is expanding Claims that new matter gets created so the density remains the same
2.3 Did not explain cosmic microwave background radiation
2.4 Doesn't account for quasars
2.4.1 Quasars are young and exist in far galaxies
2.4.2 Steady State Theory says you should be able to see them in near and far galaxies
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