Nervous System

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This mind map shows the basic information about the CNS.

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Nervous System
1 What is the nervous system?
1.1 The nervous system allows the body to respond to changes in the environment in a process usually coordinated by the brain.
2 3 Types of Neurones
2.1 Sensory Neurone
2.1.1 Carry signals from receptors to the spinal cord and brain
2.2 Relay Neurone
2.2.1 Carry messages from one part of the CNS to the other
2.3 Motor Neurone
2.3.1 Carry Signals from the CNS to the effectors. [The effector is an organ or cell that acts in response to the stimuli]
3 Receptors are a group of specialized cells that can detect changed in the environment called stimuli.