Hulme City Challenge Partnership

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Created by glhoward13 over 5 years ago
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Hulme City Challenge Partnership
1 Environment
1.1 previous problems
1.1.1 Damp & Vermin
1.2 Improvements
1.2.1 the new housing estate design looked more like normal, traditional streets
1.2.2 Area has a better appeal due to improvements in the appearance of the area/
1.2.3 Hulme arch was built along side the housing and has become a local landmark.
2 Housing
2.1 Improvements
2.1.1 3000 new homes were built Designed to save water, energy & heat Designed to be efficient yet pleasant.
3 Community
3.1 Previous problems
3.1.1 Very undesirable place to live
3.1.2 Became a dumping ground by the council for drug addicts, the poorest people and socially disadvantaged people.
3.2 Improvements
3.2.1 New shopping area, schools & roads were built.
3.2.2 Crime rates in the area dropped dramatically
3.2.3 A new park was created

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