Groups that influence public health policy (A4)


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Groups that influence public health policy (A4)
  1. Government and Government Agencies
    1. Eg. Department of Health
    2. Pressure Groups
      1. Age UK
        1. British Heart Foundation (BHF)
          1. Action on Smoking and Health
          2. International Groups
            1. World Health Organisation (WHO)
              1. HIV
                1. Zika Virus
                  1. Malaria
                    1. Tuberculosis (TB)
                    2. United Nations (UN)
                      1. Sustainable Food Sources
                        1. Stopping Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
                          1. Monitoring International Human Rights Treaties
                        2. National Groups
                          1. National Institute for health and Care Excellence (NICE)
                            1. Provides guidelines
                              1. Medicines Practice
                                1. Public Health
                                  1. Safe Staffing
                                    1. Social Care
                                      1. Clinical Guidelines
                                        1. Cancer Service
                                      2. Cancer Research UK
                                        1. FOUR main areas:
                                          1. 1. Helping prevent cancer
                                            1. 2. Earlier diagnosis
                                              1. 3. Developing new treatment
                                                1. 4. Personalising treatment
                                                2. Current Reserach
                                                  1. Lung Cancer
                                                    1. Pancreatic Cancer
                                                      1. Oesophageal Cancer
                                                        1. Brain Tumour
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