Power Definitions

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This is a Mind Map that charts the definitions and thinking behind the word Power.

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Power Definitions
1 Theorists
1.1 Grice's Maxims
1.1.1 Quantity Speak neither more nor less than necessary
1.1.2 Quality Be truthful
1.1.3 Relevance Relevant to the topic
1.1.4 Manner Avoid ambiguity, be clear and coherent
1.2 Lakoff, Brown and Levison
1.2.1 Looked at politeness We disguise commands to appear more friendly, effective way of asserting power over others.
1.3 Howard Giles
1.3.1 Deliberately use convergence or divergence
1.4 Norman Fairclough
1.4.1 unequal encounters Person with most power speaks more
2 Categories of power
2.1 Personal
2.1.1 Use emotions to influence people
2.2 Positional
2.2.1 Hierachy
2.3 Instrumental
2.3.1 Law
2.4 Practical
2.4.1 money/physical
3 Power Theories
3.1 Knowledge = Power
3.2 Technologies of the self
3.2.1 Thinking about yourself and taking responsibilities
3.3 Foucault
3.3.1 Discipline makes individuals more efficient
3.4 Bourdeau
3.4.1 language influenced by field and habitus
3.4.2 Field a social space with its own hierachy
3.4.3 Habitus individuals views, beliefs, opinions and values - how they influence everyone else
3.4.4 Capital social, cultural or symbolic - anything to do with status within a group
4 Questions
4.1 Known answer
4.2 Open
4.3 Closed
4.4 Tag
4.5 Leading
4.5.1 Questions to make you agree
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