The Right to Life - Abortion

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Part of GCSE RE Unit 2: Ethics for topic 1, The Right to Life. Looks at abortion

I Turner
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The Right to Life - Abortion
1 Views on when Life begins
1.1 At Conception...
1.1.1 The DNA that make a person are all present
1.1.2 Catholics have this view
1.2 A Gradual Process...
1.2.1 The embryo has the right to respect from conception, but not absolute respect
1.2.2 Full rights are aquired as the foetus develops
1.2.3 C of E holds this view
1.3 Viability...
1.3.1 The foetus has rights when if born, it could survive-24 weeks
1.3.2 This view is taken by the law
1.4 At birth...
1.4.1 Until this point, the child is totallly dependent on it's mother
2 What is Abortion?
2.1 The deliberate termination of a pregnancy
2.2 Usually happens before 24 weeks
2.3 It was legalised in the UK in 1967
2.3.1 It was to meet certain conditions
2.3.2 The cut-off point is 24 weeks
3 Why do women have Abortions?
3.1 Gender Selection
3.2 Risk of death to the Mother
3.3 Mother is too old
3.4 Child is a product of rape
3.5 Hereditary Disease
3.6 Mother is too Young
3.7 Finances
3.8 Contraception
3.9 Cover an affair
4 Christian views on Abortion
4.1 Catholic Church
4.1.1 Abortion is always wrong
4.1.2 From conception, the foetus has the same rights to life as anyone else and should be treated with absolute respect
4.1.3 It is murder
4.2 Church of England
4.2.1 They are concerned about the number of abortions that take place
4.2.2 From concpetion, the embryo does not have absolute respect, and develops rights to life gradually
4.2.3 It is the 'lesser of two evils'
4.3 Individual Christian Views
4.3.1 In the case of rape... FOR-pregnancy and birth of this child would be traumatic AGAINST-the birth of the child may seem as a positive thing to come out of a negative situation
4.3.2 In the case of a disability... FOR-the child may have a poor quality of life AGAINST-aborting a child because it has a disability is discrimination
5 Pro-Life / Pro-choice
5.1 PRO-CHOICE=slogan used for the view that women should have the right to chose whether or not to have an abortion
5.2 PRO-LIFE=slogan used for the view that supports the right ot life of the foetus
6 Christian Organisations
6.1 Life
6.1.1 Free and open to everyone
6.1.2 Leaflets and speakers to schools
6.1.3 Advice on benefits and housing options for those who keep their babies
6.1.4 Challenge Governments to adopt policies which respect human life from conception
6.1.5 Provide councelling and support for women who have had abortions
6.1.6 Offer councelling to pregnant women and discuss options open to them
7 Alternatives to Abortion
7.1 Adoption
7.1.1 Christians can help with adoption or fostering of an unwanted child
7.2 Parenting the Child
7.2.1 Christians can support the mother by listening to her
7.2.2 Christians can help her with money
7.2.3 Church/Pro-Life organisations can give advice on benefits and housing options available

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