Full Service Hotel

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Full Service Hotel


  • Purple= PMS Guest Accounting Module Pink=Rooms Management Module Green=Interface Yellow= POS
1 Food & Beverage Outlets
1.1 Reservation
1.1.1 POS
1.2 Order Food
1.2.1 POS (Order Entry Units) POS Printers
1.3 Check Inventory
1.3.1 POS (Automated Control System) Accounting Systems
1.4 Settle Bill
1.4.1 POS (Account Settlement)
1.4.2 PMS (Guest Accounting Module
1.5 Managing Guest Accounts
1.5.1 POS
1.6 Managing Employees
1.6.1 Scheduling POS (Labor Master report, Period labor report etc.)
1.7 Recipe Management
1.7.1 Ingredient file
1.7.2 Recipe File
1.7.3 Menu Item File
1.8 Sales Analysis
1.8.1 POS (Automated Control Systems) Food Service Management System
1.9 Table Reservation
1.9.1 Online Reservation
2 Front Office
2.1 Check In/Check Out
2.1.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module)
2.2 Settle Bills
2.2.1 PMS (Guest Accounting Module) Interface Electronic Payment Processing
2.3 Room Assignment
2.3.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module
2.4 Retrieving Guest reservation
2.4.1 PMS (Room Management Module
2.5 End of day
2.5.1 Auditing PMS (Guest Accounting Module)
2.5.2 Reports PMS (Guest Accounting Module)
2.5.3 Monitoring updating guest folios PMS (Guest Accounting Module)
2.6 Handling Guest complaints
2.6.1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
2.7 Issuing Keys
2.7.1 PMS (Rooms Management Key Locking System
3 Housekeeping
3.1 Setting room status
3.1.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module)
3.2 Creating schedule
3.2.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module)
3.3 Cleaning Rooms
4 Reservations
4.1 Receiving requests (PMS Reservation Module)
4.1.1 E-Mail
4.1.2 Global Distribution Systems
4.1.3 Central Reservation Office/ Central Reservation Systems Affiliate Systems Non-Affiliate Systems Internet Distribution Systems
4.1.4 Internet Distribution Systems
4.2 Creating Reservations
4.2.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module)
4.2.2 PMS (Guest Accounting Module)
4.3 Cancelling reservations
4.3.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module)
4.3.2 PMS (Guest Accounting Module)
5 Accounting (Back Office Systems)
5.1 Maintain account balances
5.1.1 PMS (Guest Accounting Module
5.2 Process Billing
5.2.1 PMS (Guest Accounting Module
5.3 Generates audit report
5.4 Paying Payrolls
5.4.1 PMS (Accounting Module)
6 Banquet Facilities
6.1 Keep record of dates
6.1.1 Sales and Catering Application
6.2 Set up rooms
6.2.1 Sales and Catering Application
6.3 Posting Charges
6.3.1 PMS (Guest Accounting Module)
7 Concierge
7.1 Input appointments
7.1.1 PMS (Rooms Management Module)
7.1.2 Different Concierge sysems (GoConcierge)
7.2 Collecting items (luggage, HKSP items etc.)
7.2.1 PMS Auxiliary Guest Services (job dispatch systems)
8 Purchasing
8.1 Control Costs
8.1.1 Back Office Systems
8.2 keeping track of inventory
8.2.1 Purchasing System
9 Maintenance
9.1 Managing Energy Costs
9.1.1 Energy Management Systems
9.2 Room Maintenance
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