Aviation Domain Laws and Regulations

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Aviation Domain Laws and Regulations
    1. Civil Aviation Act 1988
      1. Aim: "to establish a regulatory framework for maintaining, enhancing and promoting the safety of civil aviation, with particular emphasis on preventing aviation accidents and incidents" (Civil Aviation Act 1988 (Cth), p. 11)
        1. This act establishes the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
          1. CASA provides specialist skills to investigate complex matters that may result in a variety of outcomes, including referral to the Department of Public Prosecutions, and may also issue infringement notices (CASA 2015)
            1. CASA licences pilots, ground crew, aircraft and airfield operators; and is responsible for enforcing safety requirements under the Commonwealth Civil Aviation Act 1988 and the Air Navigation Act 1920
            2. Civil Aviation Regulations 1988
              1. Administration & Organisation
                1. Airworthiness Requirements
                  1. Maintenance
                    1. Defect Reporting
                      1. Flight Manuals
                        1. Identification/Data
                          1. Crewing Requirements
                      2. INVESTIGATIONS
                        1. Australian Transport Safety Bureau
                          1. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is Australia's national transport safety investigator. The ATSB is the federal government body responsible for investigating transport-related accidents and incidents within Australia (Australian Government 2015).
                            1. ATSB was created by the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003 (Cth).
                              1. Functions of the ATSB (Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003, Cth p. 14)
                                1. Receiving and assessing reports
                                  1. Independently investigating transport safety matters
                                    1. Identifying factors that contribute to/affect transport safety matters
                                      1. Communicating those factors to the transport industry
                                        1. Reporting publicly on those investigations
                                          1. Conducting public educational programs
                                    2. OPERATIONS
                                      1. Aviation Transport Security Act 2004
                                        1. Aim: "to establish a regulatory framework to safeguard against unlawful interference with aviation" (Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 (Cth), p. 2)
                                          1. Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005
                                            1. Transport Security Programs
                                              1. Airport Areas and Zones
                                                1. Other Security Measures
                                                  1. Powers of Officials
                                                    1. Security Identification
                                                      1. Enforcement
                                                        1. Methods of Review
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