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Hotel Staff
1 hotel manager


  • All hotel staff is supervised by hotel manager. Quality of hotel service depends on his/her skills.  In small hotel he/she is usually responsible for kitchen and restaurant and works as receptionist or housekeeper, too. But in large hotels, the hotel manager supervises several other managers.
1.1 should be
1.1.1 hardworking
1.1.2 communicative
1.1.3 responsible
1.1.4 patient
1.2 he/she
1.2.1 cope with unpleasant situations
1.2.2 should be open- minded to new ideas
1.2.3 use a phrase " it is impossible"
1.2.4 respect everybody in his team
2 front office manager


  • Front office manager is responsible for welcoming guests. 
2.1 people who reports to him
2.1.1 doorman
2.1.2 receptionist
2.1.3 porter
3 receptionist
3.1 is a key person in a contact with the guests
3.1.1 register the guest full name nationality home address signature inform the guest of the room number and rate
4 food and beverage manager


  • Position of food and beverage manager is very challenging. He oversees all foodservice operations in large hotel restaurants or catering companies.
4.1 create and maintain menus that satisfy guests
4.2 resposible for managing food costs and controlling inventory
4.3 create event specific menus for occasions such as banquets,...
4.4 his/her job requires working long which may include nights, weekends, holidays
4.5 he/she is on his/her feet for a majority of the day , so it's also physically demanding position
4.6 oversee the kitchen and restaurant staff/ explain their duties
5 head waiter
5.1 reports to the food and beverage manager
5.2 depending on the hotel restaurant size, ther may be several head waiters, each responsible for a specific area
5.2.1 café
5.2.2 restaurant
5.2.3 outside terrace
5.2.4 lobby bar
5.3 greet/ seat guests
5.4 handle complaints
5.5 present menu
5.6 explain specialities
6 cook


  • Hotel restaurant and kitchen are important parts of every hotel
6.1 chop vegetables
6.2 prepare vegetables
6.3 prepare meals
6.4 season food
6.5 garnish dishes
7 housekeeper/ chambermaid


  • In small hotels, the housekeeper is a synonym for chambermaid, but in large hotels they have really different duties
7.1 chambermaid
7.1.1 clean rooms/bathrooms
7.1.2 change towels, linen...
7.1.3 dust the bedrooms
7.1.4 make the beds
7.1.5 hoover the carpit
7.1.6 check the cupboards
7.1.7 change sheets
7.1.8 check the mini-bar
7.1.9 change all the towels
7.1.10 provide new soap and shampoo
7.1.11 public areas
7.1.12 display materials
8 concierge
8.1 personality requires
8.1.1 friendly
8.1.2 helpfull
8.1.3 polite
8.1.4 profesional
8.2 duties
8.2.1 provide for guests needs
8.2.2 contact external companies
8.2.3 make bookings tours cinema football maches
8.2.4 display courteous manners
8.2.5 maintain guest satisfaction
8.2.6 keep log-book
8.2.7 fulfil a supply of stamps
8.2.8 maximize guest's requests
9 personality
9.1 punctual
9.1.1 punctionality
9.2 sincere
9.2.1 sincerity
9.3 reliable
9.3.1 reliability
9.4 polite /courteous
9.5 practical
9.5.1 precticality
9.6 flexible
9.6.1 flexibility
9.7 enthusiastic
9.7.1 enthusiasm
9.8 ambitious
9.8.1 ambition
9.9 efficient
9.9.1 efficiency
9.10 confident
9.10.1 confidence
10 personality
10.1 smart
10.2 inteligent
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