British Empire

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British Empire
1 Victorian Era (1837-1902)
1.1 The conquer of India and the long rein of Queen Victoria shows us that the English Monarchy was very strong and powerful.
1.2 By 1900 Queen Victoria ruled 13million square miles of territory (a quarter of the worlds surface!)
2 Glossary
2.1 Empire: Territory or Kingdom
2.2 Emigrant: Some one who leaves their nature land to go live elsewhere.
2.3 Plantation: A farm that specializes in a profitable good.
2.4 Slaves: People who have no rights or freedom.
3 Britain competed with other European countries (Germany, France and Spain) for the control of colonies.
3.1 Wars would break out between countries over who would control that piece of land.
4 It was essential for Britain to find raw materials abroad to source Britain's factories.
5 Colonies
5.1 Africa: Gold, diamonds and corn.
5.2 Australasia: Wool, meat and copper.
5.3 British Guiania: Copper
5.4 Canada: Fish, Wood, Corn.
5.5 India: Tea, Cotton, Spices.
5.6 Main colonies were India, Caribbean and the American colonies.
5.7 Caribbean: Sugar
5.8 Britain tried to stop other countries making money by not allowing them to trade with their colonies. Reinforcing taxes as well stopped other countries gaining from their resources.
6 Why Did Britain want Colonies?
6.1 Resources
6.2 Trades would be easier and more money could be made.
6.3 To Gain Power.
6.4 Allies
6.5 People wanted to move to other countries. EMIGRATION
7 Bad of Good?
7.1 Bad
7.1.1 Took away culture from other countries along with religion and rituals.
7.1.2 Removed land from other countries without their permission.
7.1.3 Took their resources and payed them back unfairly.
7.1.4 Forces inhabitants to only buy British goods.
7.1.5 Some natives described the British and acting unfairly and rude to their culture.
7.1.6 Some natives were left in a state of poverty. British charging too much for goods?
7.1.7 Africans were forced to undertake the bible.
7.2 Good
7.2.1 Built roads, land for farming, schools and hospitals.
7.2.2 Famines were destroyed by bringing medicines.
8 The British in India
8.1 The British wanted control over India for their rich produce.
8.2 First trading post: 1620
8.3 Young men were employed to keep peace in Inda.
8.4 The British Raj became the jewel in the crown of the British Empire.
8.4.1 India made Britain very wealthy.
8.5 The poem "The White Man's Burden" is a poem that reflects badly of the british for it implies that the native people were burdens to the English. The British thought it right to civilize the natives by forcing upon them the idea of God and education.
8.6 The Indian Mutiny
8.6.1 A British Company named the East India Company traded with India. As the East India Company expanded, it needed a bigger army. Officers were British and normal Soldiers were Indian. In 1857 a massive rebellion broke out amongst the Indian Troops. In 1857 the 'Sepoy' soldiers killed their British Officers. Britain regained control 13 months later. They brought more British soldiers to India. What were the causes? Religion The Sepoys had to bite off the end of their cartrigies which were covered animal fat. High tax demands from the British. The way they were treated by the British. Abolished in 1858 in response to the rebellion. The British Company now had direct control over India. The British Raj would thrive till a man called Gandhi led India to independence.
9 The British in Australia
9.1 Why did the British go there?
9.1.1 Fresh Air
9.1.2 Isolated
9.2 Prison named Port Arthur
9.2.1 Difficult to escape Gaurded by dogs The sea was said to be 'infested with sharks'
9.3 9 year old boy (stealing a box of toys)

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