Prophet Muhammad

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Prophet Muhammad
1 Major division of Islam
1.1 When Muhammad died there was a big dispute over who would be his heir and take charge of Islam, the two possibility were:
1.1.1 Sunni: Abu Bakr- Muhammad's closest friend. Father-in-law to Muhammad. Married to Khadija and they had a daughter Fatima. 90% of muslims today follow this division
1.1.2 Shi'ah: Ali- son-in-law married to Fatima-Muhammd's daughter. 10% of mulsims today follow this division
2 His life
2.1 Born in Mecca in CE 570
2.2 His father died before his birth and he lived with a Bedouin woman until he was six
2.2.1 His mother died the year he returned to her
2.3 His grandfather then looked after him but then he died, so he lived with his uncle
2.4 He married Khadijah
2.5 He didn't like how people drunk and gambled in Mecca so he went to the mountains to meditate
2.6 Angel Jibril delivered the Qur'an to him and ordered him 3 times to read it but he couldn't then he suddenly could and was told he a prophet
2.6.1 The Qur'an was dictated to him over 23 years
2.7 He began to preach and moved to Medina in 622 CE- this event has called 'Hijrah'
2.8 People excepted Islam as their religion and he died there in 632 CE
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