The five pillars of Islam

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The five pillars of Islam
1 Shahadah
1.1 The Shahadah is a prayer which is recited at least once in a Muslim's life and in the final hours of a Muslim's life
1.2 It is the first of the five pillars
1.3 The prayer is 'I believe there is no God but Allah , and Muhammad is the messenger of God'
2 Salah
2.1 The second pillar of Islam
2.2 Salah is prayers, that are done five times a day
2.3 The steps in the prayers are Rakaahs
2.4 Prayers are said at dawn, mid-day, late afternoon, sunset and nightfall
2.5 Salah is compulsory for all Muslims
2.6 Children should start praying 5 times a day at the ages 10 or 12
2.7 Prayers are said in Arabic and Wudhu is performed before prayers
3 Zakah
3.1 The third pillar of Islam
3.2 It means that you donate 2.5% of ones savings to charity
3.3 It teaches Muslims to share and avoid selfishness
3.4 It is to save money from those who are wasting it
4 Sawm
4.1 The fourth pillar of Islam
4.2 It is a period of fasting called Ramadan
4.2.1 Halal- food that is allowed and been killed the correct way e.g. nuts, honey, fish
4.2.2 Haram-forbidden food that has been killed the wrong way e.g. pork, alcohol, blood by-products
4.3 They must give up food, drink and sensuous activities
4.4 Compulsory-brings them closer to Allah
5 Hajj
5.1 Is the fifth pillar of Islam
5.2 Is a pilgrimage to Mecca
5.3 Muslims have to do this at least once in their lifetime
5.4 They must walk around the Kaaba 7 times
5.5 This is during the week of Hajj and the month of Dhul Hijjah

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