Wake up Dad (sleep apnea)

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Wake up Dad (sleep apnea)
1 Anatomy of URT
2 Neural breathing control centers
2.1 Cerebral control
2.1.1 Voluntary hypoventilation
2.1.2 Voluntary hyperventilation
2.2 Central Control
2.2.1 Medulla Ventral neurons Expiration Dorsal neurons Nucleus Tractus Solitarius
2.2.2 Pons Lower pons Apneustic centers Upper pons Pneumotaxic
2.3 Receptors
2.3.1 Chemoreceptors Central Peripheral
2.3.2 Mechanoreceptors Lung stretch receptors Joint + muscle receptors
2.3.3 Irritant receptors
2.3.4 J receptors
3 Snoring
3.1 noisy breathing
3.2 Mechanism
3.2.1 due to vibration of soft palate and its thin edges due to partial air way obstruction during inspiration
3.3 Causes
3.3.1 -Alcohol -Sleep apnea -Sleep position -Sleep deprivation
4 Excessive snoring with intervals of breath cessation and arousals from sleep.
5 Signs and Symptoms
5.1 Nocturnal symptoms
5.1.1 Snoring, Apneas, Gasping and choking sensations that arouse the patient from sleep, Nocturia, Insomnia
5.2 Daytime symptoms
5.2.1 Nonrestorative sleep, Excessive daytime sleepiness, Daytime fatigue, Morning confusion, Mood changes, Hypertension
6 Risk factors
6.1 Excessive weight, Family history, Male gender,
7 Pathophysiology
7.1 Obstruction
7.2 Neurologic
8 Investigation
8.1 Physical examination
8.1.1 Neck circumference, tonsils and tongue, septum and soft palate, blood pressure
8.2 Mallampati Score
8.3 Polysomnography
8.3.1 Records brain waves, oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements and sleep noises during the study.
9 Management
9.1 CPAP
9.1.1 It gently blow pressurized air through your airway at a constant pressure that keeps the throat from collapsing.
9.2 Lifestyle
10 Psychological impact
10.1 QOL
10.2 Social life and work
10.3 economic burden
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