Obstetric Cholostasis

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Obstetric Cholostasis
1 Signs and Symptoms
1.1 Dark Urine & Pale Stools
1.1.1 Caused by absence of bile that contributes to the usual colour
1.2 Abnormal Liver Function Tests
1.2.1 AST, ALT, GGT, Alkaline Phosphate
1.2.2 caused by the condition being a liver disorder
1.3 Mild Jaundice
1.3.1 caused by build up of bilirubin levels Can lead to vit k deficiency
1.4 Tiredness
1.4.1 Can lead to depression
1.5 Persistent Pruitus (Rash)
1.5.1 Caused by raised levels of bile acids
1.6 Sickness & Poor Apitite
1.6.1 Caused by increased bile acid levels
1.7 UTI's
1.7.1 caused by build up of liver enzymes
2 Underlying cause not known, but may have genetic and environmental factors
3 Liver Disorder
4 Implications
4.1 Maternal
4.1.1 Stress Psycological and Physical Caused by intense itching, lack of sleep and fetal concerns Information avaialable from the British Liver trust
4.1.2 Gallstones Caused by imbalance of bile make up causing Cholestrol levels to become too high and form stones
4.1.3 Malabsorbtion of Vit K 10mg daily from 32wks
4.1.4 PPH - increased risk by upto 25% fetal monitoring req: due to fetal distress risk
4.1.5 Sleep Deprevation caused by itching
4.2 Fetal
4.2.1 Spontaneous Pre-term birth
4.2.2 Mec stained liquor Risk of Fetal aspiration
4.2.3 Iatrogenic pre-term birth
4.2.4 Sudden IUD/Stillbirth
4.2.5 Fetal Distress
4.2.6 Bile Acids can cross the placenta can cause 02 deprevation to the fetus due to malfunction
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