Bangladesh Trade and Aid Cost Benefit

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Bangladesh Trade and Aid Cost Benefit
  1. Why is it a poor country?
    1. Cant invest money into industrial and technological Dev.
      1. No resources
        1. Prone to natural disasters
          1. Lack of infrastructure
            1. Education is poor
              1. Pop 144.2 mil
                1. 3.2 births/women
                  1. NO living below $1/day = 36%
                    1. HDI 137/177
                    2. Targets for the Gov to stimulate Dev
                      1. Create infrastructure to help Dev
                        1. FDI
                          1. Adaptation of Western style capitalism
                            1. Promotion of free trade
                              1. Economic growth
                                1. Providing extra money and resources for new industry
                              2. Not develop??
                                1. Global competitive markets
                                  1. The large differences in wealth
                                    1. Cant invest in technology + industrial Dev
                                      1. Wealth generated doesnt always trickle down
                                        1. Kept by the powerful Increasing the gap between rich and poor
                                        2. Debt
                                          1. Depend on Agg exports not much profit
                                            1. No CAP schemes
                                          2. TRADE Not working
                                            1. Need something to Trade
                                              1. Next to India
                                                1. Need Aid to begin Trade
                                                2. Aid
                                                  1. UK spend £114mil in 08/09
                                                    1. Lift >500,000 out of poverty
                                                      1. 14,000 new classrooms 12,000 new teachers
                                                        1. 100,000 famers gain access to markets
                                                          1. Increase jobs through Private sector Deve
                                                          2. Japan
                                                            1. Asian Deve Bank
                                                              1. World Bank
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