The Four Asian Tigers

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The Four Asian Tigers
  1. Taiwan
    1. S.Korea
      1. N.E Asia borders N Korea, sea of japan + yellow sea
        1. Lacks natural resources, has good workforce, export orientation
          1. Causes
            1. Encouraged FDI
              1. Deve own R+D of hightech goods
                1. Large TNCs attracted to low wages and low tax
                  1. Large consumer market
                  2. Strengths
                    1. Successful competition
                      1. More jobs available
                        1. increase in purchase of consumer goods
                          1. increase in disposable income
                          2. investment in infrastructure
                          3. Consequences
                            1. Social
                              1. Unequal pay
                                1. Long working hours
                                  1. Increase rural-urban migration
                                  2. Enviro
                                    1. Noise, air, water pollution
                                      1. Poorly constructed buildings
                                        1. Leads to deaths eg Sampoong Dep store '95
                                      2. Economic
                                        1. '97 world trade downturn, huge debts/bankruptcy
                                    2. Singapore
                                      1. Hong Kong
                                        1. How did the tigers help deve
                                          1. All 4 countries had a large chinease influence
                                            1. SK 65% chinease pop
                                              1. S 75% Chinease pop
                                                1. HK 95%
                                                  1. T 98%
                                                  2. '60's poor due to cheap labour
                                                    1. Non-democratic authoritarian polictical systems
                                                      1. Focused deve on exports to wealthy nations
                                                        1. Trade serplus with industrialised countries
                                                        2. Education important. All children attended Primary then secondary schools, investment in foriegn unis
                                                          1. High tariffs on imports discouraged
                                                            1. High saving rates allowing investment into industry
                                                            2. Trade unions discouraged but job security encouraged
                                                              1. Able to sustain good growth for decades
                                                                1. Agg protected by tariffs
                                                                  1. More investment
                                                                2. A good model for other countries?
                                                                  1. Critised rely on exports
                                                                    1. Rely on economic health of others
                                                                      1. But India + China followed their lead
                                                                      2. '90's set back
                                                                        1. economy grew too fast
                                                                          1. property, stocks, shares over valued
                                                                            1. Stock markets crashed
                                                                              1. Led to the WW financial crisis
                                                                          2. >90's stability
                                                                            1. Regulated by framework to help prevent another crisis
                                                                              1. Export led growth + cheap labour dont last forever
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