B2.4 Organisms And Their Environment

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B2.4 Organisms And Their Environment
1 B2.4.1 Distribution Of Organisms
1.1 Living organisms form communities and these relationships within and between these communities are affected by external influences.
1.1.1 Physical factors that may affect organisms are temperature, availability of nutrients, amount of light, availability of water, availability of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the presence or absence of predators. Quantitative data on the distribution of organisms can be obtained by random sampling with quadrats and sampling along a transect. Transects and quadrats are used to help collect quantitative data about organisms in their habitats. The collected data can be analysed to find the mean, median and mode values of organisms in a particular area. All the conditions that surround a living organism is called the environment. A habitat is the place where an organism lives. A population is the number of members of a single species that live in a habitat. Populations of different organisms that live together in a habitat is known as a community. An ecosystem is a community of species and the habitat in which it lives.
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