The British Empire

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The British Empire
1 A source of wealth
1.1 Britain got cheap raw materials from the colonies then sold the finished products bak to the colonies for a profit
1.2 Trade with other countries grew
1.3 Merchants and factory owners made more money and expanded their businesses, therefore providing more jobs
2 How did Empire benefit the colonies?
2.1 Some historians believe Britain helped the colonies remain poor
2.1.1 Others argue that Britain developed the countries and helped keep peace and order in them
3 Exports
3.3 TEA from SRI LANKA
4 How did India become part of the Empire?
4.1 East India Company (EIC) established in 1600
4.1.1 Merchants involved wanted a share in the spice trade in the East Indies However the Dutch already controlled most of this, so the EIC turned their attention to India
4.2 Eventually the government took charge of the EIC
4.2.1 This only happened after they had secured a large amount of power for Britain in India
4.3 From 1858 onwards, India was ruled directly by the crown through a VICEROY
4.4 India gained independence in 1947
5 The black hole of Calcutta
5.1 According to some historians around 60-130 British people were put into a 6m by 8m cell for the night
5.1.1 They were put in their by Indian soldiers
5.1.2 They were put in their without water and no windows-except for a small one which was obstructed
5.1.3 Only one quarter walked out alive the next morning The others had died due to suffocation The survivors had to pile up the corpses in the night
5.2 The event may not have happened but the cell does exist
6 A force for good
6.1 Britain brought British infrastructure and science/technological innovation to under-developed countries
7 The Indian Mutiny
7.1 What lead to the rebellion?
7.1.1 British Generals were trying to convert the Indian sepoys to Christianity-they rejected the attempts
7.1.2 The bullets for the new Enfield rifles needed grease to be shot. The British generals supplied them with pig fat bu the Indian sepoys's holy animals are pigs
7.2 The Cawnpore massacre
7.2.1 Happened on the 5th June 1857
7.2.2 Indians gave women and children the chance to sail down the river and flee to England But the Indians attacked
7.2.3 Soldiers tried to protect them but were outnumbered Rebels attacked with rifles, clubs, knives and burnt children
7.2.4 Over 250 women, soldiers and children died Another 100 were taken prisoners and later hacked to death
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