"A poem is a painting" Phoebe Hesketh


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"A poem is a painting" Phoebe Hesketh
  1. Hesketh compares the art of poetry to the art of painting
    1. The speaker suggests that both poetry and paintings create images that are brought to life in the imaginations of the poet/painter and the audience.
      1. Hesketh uses imagery, metaphors and comparison in order to emphasise the similarities between poetry and painting.
        1. Her vivid and colourful descriptions reinforce the subject of her poem so that words in poetry are used in much of the same way as colours on a canvas.
          1. in that they are used in order to create images in the minds of the audience.
    2. Opening two-lines, "poem is a painting that is not seen; A painting is a poem that is not heard"
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