Section B

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Section B
1 1) Shorter answer question:(16marks/25mins):
1.1 Writing to explain
1.1.1 Use general statements as an introduction to the subject.
1.1.2 Use formal language in the present tense.
1.1.3 Don’t use emotional tone – the audience don’t wantto hear your opinion.
1.1.4 Use factsto help support your explanation
1.1.5 Be clear and detailed – don’t confuse your reader
1.1.6 Use lots of connectives
1.2 Writing to describe
1.2.1 Use language techniques/poetic devices
1.2.2 Use your senses
1.2.3 Vary your vocabulary and punctuation
1.2.4 Think aboutstructure – sentence variations and paragraphs
1.2.5 Have an effective opening and closing sentence
1.2.6 Be original!
2 2) Longer writing question:(24marks/35mins):
2.1 The two techniques are similar; you are trying to influence someone.However, persuasion istrying to convince someone that your way ofthinking is correct, you are biased. You wantthemto change their opinion to agree with you. An argumentismore balanced; itshows both sides ofthe POV,then knocks down the opposing view point with clearreasons.
2.2 Use rhetorical devices
2.3 Appealto the appropriate audience and forthe right purpose
2.4 Use connectives and paragraph ‘topics’
2.5 Be coherent and fluent –make sense
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