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A small map with the basic concepts and probability events

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1 Basic Concepts
1.1 Experiments
1.1.1 Fenomeno aleatorio del cual no sabes el resultado
1.2 Event
1.2.1 Subconjunto del espacio muestral
1.3 Sample Espace
1.3.1 Conjunto de posibles resultados
1.4 Outcomes
1.4.1 Efectos de un experimento
2 Probability Formulas
2.1 Theoretical Probability Formula
2.1.1 (n(E))/(n(S)): Eventos favorables entre Eventos totales
2.2 Epirical Probability Formula
2.2.1 (# de veces que ocurre el evento)/(# de experimentos)
3 Types of Events
3.1 Events Involving not and or
3.1.1 Adition rule of probability P(AUB)=P(A)+P(B)-P(AUB)
3.1.2 Properties of probability Certain event P(S)=1 Imposible event P(0)=0 Probability values 0<=P(e)<=1
3.1.3 Probability of the complement P(E')=1-P(E)
3.2 Events involving and
3.2.1 Multiplication Rule of Prubability For independent events P(AyB)=P(A)*P(B) P. de B ya que A ya ocurrio For any two events P(AyB)=P(A)*P(B/A)
3.2.2 Conditional probability formula P(B/A)=(P(AnB))/(P(A))
4 Venn Diagrams
4.1 Complement
4.1.1 A'=(X/X E U y X noE A)
4.2 Intersection
4.2.1 AnB=(X/X E A y X E B)


  • No supe como hacer los corchetes :S 
4.3 Difference
4.3.1 A-B=(X/X E A y X noE B)
4.4 Union
4.4.1 AoB=(X/X E A o X E B)
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