Transport across membranes

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Transport across membranes
1 Cell Membrane
1.1 Made of phospholipid bi-layer and other proteins
1.1.1 The bi-layer allos lipid soluble molecules to pass through by simple diffusion but prevents the passage of small polar ions
1.2 selectively permeable membrane
2 Fluid-mosaic model
2.1 The lipid bi-layer gives fluidity and elasticity to the cell membrane.
3 Cholesterol in the cell membrane
3.1 Decreases permeability and increases stability of the membrane
3.2 Different type of cells have different amounts of cholesterol
4 Carrier proteins
4.1 Aid the transport of ions/polar molecules and large molecules (facilitated diffusion and active transport)
5 Enzymes can also be found embedded on the membrane
6 Glycoprotiens
6.1 Composed of carbohydrate and protiens, are on the outer surface of the membrane are important in cell recoginition and sometimes act as antigens
7 Aquaporins
7.1 Aids the movement of water across the membrane
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