Approaches- Wundt and Introspection

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AQA AS and A Level Psychology- Approaches: Wundt and Introspection

Grace Fawcitt
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Approaches- Wundt and Introspection
1 Separated psychology from philosophy
1.1 Made it a science, including controlled study of the human brain and behaviour
1.1.1 Controlled conditions
1.1.2 Standardisation
1.1.3 Allowed for replication
2 Created the first psychology lab
2.1 Leipzig, Germany
2.2 1879
3 Introspection
3.1 Structuralism
3.1.1 Breaking conscious awareness into basic structures of thoughts, images and sensations
3.2 Recording one's own thoughts
3.3 Stimulus like a ticking metronome
4 Evaluation
4.1 Too subjective
4.2 First attempt to study the brain scientifically
4.3 Attempt to control variables

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