Child rights

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University Psychology 144 (Chapter 4) Mind Map on Child rights, created by Zeneatha Jònsson on 08/26/2014.

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Child rights
1 0-3 Years:
1.1 protection from physical danger
1.2 adequate nutrition & healthcare
1.3 appropriate immunisations
1.4 a primary caregiver with whom to form a bond
1.5 things to look at, hear, taste & smell
1.6 opportunities to explore their world
1.7 appropriate language stimulation
1.8 support in acquiring new motor, language & thinking skills
1.9 a chance to develop some independance
1.10 help with learning how to control their behavior
1.11 opportunities to learn to care for themselves
1.12 daily opportunities to play with a variety of objects
2 Preschool:
2.1 all of the prior mentioned opportunities
2.2 oppertunites to develop fine motor skills
2.3 encouragement of language through talking, being read to & singing
2.4 activities that will develop sense of mastery
2.5 experimentation with pre-writing and reading skills
2.6 hands on exploration for learning through action
2.7 opportunites for taking responcability and making their own choices
2.8 encouragement to develop self-control, cooperation & persistence in completing projects
2.9 support for their sense of worth
2.10 opportunities for self-expression
2.11 encuregment of creativity
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