The Restless Earth Case Studies

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The Restless Earth Case Studies
1 Mount Saint Helens
1.1 Earthquake under the mountain caused by magma beginning to move
1.2 Pacific plate subducted beneath the North American plate, destructive plate boundary
1.3 61 deaths
1.4 US government gave $951 million in aid to rebuild
1.5 Increased chance of flooding
1.6 7000 animals in the forest killed
1.7 immediately created 3 zones: volcanogists, police then public
1.8 Lots of mountain rescue helicopters sent up
2 Bam Earthquake
2.1 Badly built buildings
2.2 Conflicting plates
2.3 Between 26,000 and 30,000 dead
2.4 Big costs for government
2.5 Destroyed houses and buildings
2.6 15,000 pound loans given for new houses
2.7 China immediately gave $1.8 million
2.8 Rebuilding of Arg-E-Bam meant increased tourism again
3 California Earthquake
3.1 Hit at 11:15am
3.2 6.5 on the richter scale
3.3 Only 3 deaths
3.4 Only 80 buildings were badly damaged
3.5 Government were rich enough to pay for damages themselves
4 Asian Tsunami
4.1 Indian and Burma plate slipped
4.2 Happened at 1 A.M
4.3 Up to 100m waves
4.4 9.2 on the richter scale
4.5 More than 230,000 dead
4.6 Massive cholera outbreak
4.7 Australian government donated $345 million
4.8 Water-aid helped against cholera outbreak by providing water purification tablets
4.9 Now have an earthquake/ tsunami warning system
5 Montserrat Volcano
5.1 Destructive plate boundary
5.2 carribean plate subducted below the atlantic
5.3 23 deaths
5.4 5000 people moved to north of the island
5.5 Over 5000 left the island
5.6 Residents demanded 20k each
5.7 41 million pounds of aid given in total
5.8 in 1997, 2400 pounds was given to any over 18 wanting to leave the island
5.9 20.5 million pounds given to relocate refugees
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