Stalin's Economic Policies

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A Levels History MW (Russia) Mind Map on Stalin's Economic Policies, created by Fro Ninja on 06/03/2013.

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Created by Fro Ninja over 6 years ago
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Stalin's Russia AS Notes
Stalin's Economic Policies
1 Russia's Needs
1.1 Potential for World Superpower
1.2 Backward Country
1.3 Industrialisation Needed
1.4 More Food Production
1.4.1 Growing Worker Population
2 Collectivisation
2.1 Peasants grouped on larger farms
2.2 Farms supplied by State
2.3 Most Produce to Goverment
2.4 Opposition from Kulaks
2.4.1 Murdered/Imprisioned
2.5 Huge Propaganda Campaign to get peasants onside
2.6 Actually Decreased Food Production
2.7 Peasants never opposed as result
3 The Five-Year Plans
3.1 Reasons
3.1.1 Carry out Socialism
3.1.2 Create a Showpiece for World
3.1.3 Sercurity
3.2 Two Plans
3.2.1 Second for Armaments
3.2.2 First for Goods and Infastructure
3.3 Worked very effectively
3.3.1 Russia became Super Power
3.3.2 Vast Projects produced Magnitogorsk
3.3.3 Living Standards Improved eventually
3.4 Targets very high
3.4.1 Unmet meant Purged
3.4.2 Unreliable figures from this Period
3.4.3 Many Deaths
3.5 Poor Working Conditions

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