1.3 - The Blue Revolution

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1.3 - The Blue Revolution
1 Looking to the oceans
1.1 Fishing
1.2 Farming
1.3 Risk of overfishing
2 How can we sustainably farm oceans?
2.1 Quotas
2.2 UK increasingly reliant on fish imports
2.2.1 Grimsby has become a processing port
2.2.2 More than 80% of fish species in UK under threat
2.2.3 1/15 caught today than in the 1920s
2.2.4 Gone up 50%
2.3 Seafood market makes £5.5 million in the UK every year
2.4 High demand results in paying LEDC's to over fish
2.5 Fish we catch in UK haven't had a chance to reproduce
2.5.1 Result? Over fishing and populations decrease
2.6 3/4 of global fish stocks are being exploited
2.6.1 Could run out by end of century
3 Senegal
3.1 More than 2000 workers in fishing industry
3.2 About 75,000 tonnes of fish exported to EU/ yr
3.3 Fishing interrupted by EU fishermen
3.3.1 Some allowed by EU others illegal!
3.4 EU enterprises cheating the Senegal govt
3.5 Fish more expensive than meat in Senegal
4 Advantages
4.1 Fish costs have dropped in the UK
4.2 Healthier source of protein
4.3 Greater variety of fish
4.4 Has potential of being sustainable
4.5 Faster source of food
4.6 Seafood market becomes profitable
5 Disadvantages
5.1 High chance of over fishing
5.2 Leads to endangered species of fish
5.3 MEDC's stocks run out - LEDCs are exploited + cheated
5.4 Fishermen have lost jobs
5.5 Price for fish increased (In LEDCs)
5.6 Countries rely on imports
5.7 By 2050 fish industry could collapse
5.7.1 People who rely on fish for income in trouble

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