Good and Evil

Simon and Kadie
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GCSE Mind Map on Good and Evil, created by Simon and Kadie on 06/05/2013.

Simon and Kadie
Created by Simon and Kadie over 6 years ago
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Good and Evil
1 Good
1.1 Going out of your way to perform actions that better others lives
2 Evil
2.1 Evil is intensionally causing excessive harm or suffering.
3 Satan
3.1 A fallen Angel (Lucifer) who bought Original Sin to the world
3.1.1 Lucifer translates to 'Bright Morning Star'
3.1.2 He is described as being perfect in beauty - and uses this to trick many into evil with his beauty
3.2 Some believe he has already been defeated by Christ
3.3 Others argue that he is a concept used to control people and explain the unknown
3.4 Others believe that The Devils greatest defence is to trick humanity into believing he has been defeated
3.5 Satan's 'Fall' is not found in the Bible as it was not seen appropriate
3.5.1 Found in the Apocrypha
3.5.2 Therefore many see the origins of the Devil to not be religiously correct - or they would have been seen appropriate for the Bible
3.6 He fell from grace after his pride over took him
3.7 E 'The Devil does not exist
3.7.1 Some believe that the Devil does not exist as they believe that Devil was defeated when Christ came to Earth
3.7.2 Other do not believe that the Devil exists as the story of his origins is not found in the Bible - but the Apocrypha, a book seen not being suitable enough for the Bible
3.7.3 However, others disagree and say that The Devil does exist as in Revelations talks about a great war in Heaven, between Satan and Micheals Angels. Satan also appears in the beginning of Jesus's minestry, when he temps him in the wilderness for 40 days.
3.7.4 Some believe the Devil is simply a concept designed to instill fear and control in people. A way to explain the unknown and a way that we can disassocate ourselfs from 'evil' people A symbol of evil
3.7.5 Others state that Satan must exist as if God is Omnibenevolent then evil must come from somewhere - and many see that this is evidence of Satan's existance
3.7.6 Some believe that Satans greatest weapon is to convince humanity that he does not exist. For this reason many see that believing that the Devil has been deafeated -or does not exist - is the path of being deceivedby evil
3.8 The Devil is simply a symbol for the evil people commit
4 The Fall, Original Sin and Redeption


4.1 Original Sin is the reason that evil is present in the world today
4.1.1 It could simply be an allagory to explain evil in the world
5 The Problem of Evil
5.1 Theodicies
5.1.1 God wants us to help those who suffer Jesus taught that suffering should be fought against
5.1.2 Evil and suffering isn't God's fault Free will gave us the option to be evil
5.1.3 Suffering is part of God's plan for us This life is preperation for paradice Jesus taught that suffering exists so we can care for others and prove ourseleves to God Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
5.1.4 Humans cannot understand God's reasons Our contingent minds cannot comprehend a transendant God's reasoning
5.1.5 Without evil and suffering there cannot be 'good'
5.2 If God is willing to prevent evil, but is not able to then He is not Omnibevolent
5.3 If He is able, but not willing then he is malevolent
5.4 If He is both able and willing then whence cometh evil
5.5 If He is neither able nor willing then why call Him God
5.6 Evil to a child differs to Evil to and adult - so all our perseptions of evil differ
6 Natural Evil
6.1 Things such as natural disasters that humanity has no control over
7 Moral Evil
7.1 The evil that is committed by humans
8 Coping with Suffering
8.1 Prayer is the best way to deal with suffering as as God is Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent, so Christians can trust in him to answer those in need
8.2 In times of suffering many Christians pray to God for the strength to endure suffering - as He felt suffer when He came to earth in human form and was Cruxified.
8.3 Others believe that it is the best way to deal with suffering as God may not answer the prayer you expect - but rather in the way that is best. Some believe that due to this - no prayer will be unanswered but may be answered in an alternative way
8.4 However others may disagree and state that prayer is not the best way to deal with suffering - as they may believe that there are more effective ways. One may be charity work - weather this is giving your money or time.
8.5 Others believe that because so many prayers are unanswered that there is perhaps little meaning to it. Other wise why would good honest Christians suffer so much
8.6 While others do not believe prayer is the best way to deal with suffering, but simply accepting that it is the life God has given them and that suffering may be a part of Gods plan for us
8.7 The story of Job - You must keep your faith throughout all horrors
9 Sources and Reasons for Moral Behaviour
9.1 Many believe our conscience is Gods (The Holy Spirit) voice within us
9.2 When we feel guilt - that is God's way of letting us know we have done wrong
9.3 Our conscience is above all else - even the Bible - and its words are directly from God
9.4 However some believe that certain people can misunderstand their conscience
9.4.1 Some murderers have claimed God told them to do it
9.5 Ten Commandents
9.6 The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
9.7 The Bible
9.7.1 E 'The Bible is very old and have nothing to teach people in the 21st century' Women's rights 'women should remain silent- Corinthians Homosexuality Slavery Killing Adultery Teachings of care and love Good is eternal and so are his teachings We still have the same morals and we have for hundereds of years Some believe that the Bible is simply alligorical
9.8 The Teachings of Saints
9.9 Christs teachings
9.10 Psalms
9.11 Many believe that it can be ignored - eventually leading to it to cease to function
9.12 Jesus
9.13 The good Samaritian

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