king Lear, fate and free will. oedipus

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king Lear, fate and free will. oedipus
1 Gloucester blames the nearing eclipse and alignment of the stars for his misfortune with his son. He believes of some higher power having control over his life
1.1 Edmund laughs at the idea of fate as this was all his doing. "Excellent foppery" act one scene 2
1.2 "These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us" Act 1 scene 2
2 "The wheel is come full circle" Edmund act 5 scene 3. possibly the wheel of fortune. related to fate, has brought him from his llowest point to the highest and now back round to low. a full circle
3 Oedipus' fate was to kill his father and marry his mother, he did these things which although sound evil where out of his control he did not know. If oedipus' parents could have seen the future could this all have been prevented? they could only see their part until it was too late to stop it. Their limited sight makes it impossible for proper judgment
3.1 However to Lear and Gloucester have the opportunity to see the truth but refuse? Lear would much rather hear lavish compliments than the truth. "Nothing will come of nothing speak again" "mend your speech a little" Gloucester is oblivious to the situation when asking about Edgar . It is not until Gloucester is physically blind that he realises just how blind he has been to endmunds true character.
3.2 In oedipus they were unable to make the best decision because they lacked all the information. However in Lear they had all the clues infront of them but decided to see only what they wanted to see.
4 Events will take their course even if i say nothing - Tiresias episode 1
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