Design Specification

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Design Specification
1 Aesthetics
1.1 Shape, form, style and texture are all appealing to the customer and the hamster
1.2 Colours appeal to the customer
1.3 Colours are suitable for hamster
2 Cost
2.1 Material cost
2.2 Production cost
2.3 Sales price
2.3.1 Good value for money
2.3.2 Suitable price for target market
3 Customer
3.1 Young children
3.2 Adult purchasing the hamster
4 Environment
4.1 Reduce
4.1.1 Materials
4.1.2 Wastage
4.1.3 Packaging
4.2 Is it recyclable?
4.3 Is it reusable?
4.4 How long is the lifespan?
5 Size
5.1 Is it easy to carry?
5.2 Place where the product is put
5.2.1 Hamster cage
5.3 Is it the right size for a hamster?
5.4 Is it easy to assemble?
6 Safety
6.1 Quality control
6.2 Sharp edges
6.3 No toxic paint
6.3.1 Poisonous for hamsters
6.4 Small pieces
6.4.1 Easily swallowed by small children and hamsters
7 Function
7.1 House a hamster
7.2 Hamster entertainment
7.3 Room decoration
7.4 How well is the function carried out?
8 Manufacture
8.1 Correct sizing and measurements
8.2 Least amount of material used possible
8.3 Which materials and printing method used?
8.3.1 Suitable for mass production?

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