DNA and patterns of inheritance

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DNA and patterns of inheritance
1 DNA is a molecule arranged in a double helix spiral, and is our genetic structure
1.1 Chromosomes carry genes (pieces of information)
2 DNA is short for doexyribonucleic acid
3 Each human cell contains about 2m of DNA strands forming a double helix
4 The average human has 46 chromosomes
5 Genes contain thousands of bases. They control the development of inherited characteristics such as hair colour, eye colour and nose shape etc
5.1 They also control the production of hormones such as insulin
6 Each chromosome also contains mother and father genes
6.1 For example, if your father had blue eyes, and your mother brown, you would inherit one of these two
6.1.1 Similarly, this works for blood type, being able to roll you tongue, skin colour etc
7 A normal human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes
8 Genes are made of DNA
9 Male sex chromosomes are XY
9.1 Female sex chromosomes are XX
10 A dominant allele will always express it's characteristic

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