The Right to Life-Euthanasia

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Part of GCSE RE Unit 2-Christianity:Ethics, looking specifically at Euthanasia from Topic 1-The Right to Life

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The Right to Life-Euthanasia
1 What is it?
1.1 "Easy Death"
1.2 Helping someone to die to relieve their pain and suffering
2 Laws
2.1 Illegal in the UK
2.2 UK allows...
2.2.1 Painkiller to speed up death
2.2.2 Withdraw treatement, e.g. turn off life support
2.3 Practiced in Netherlands
3 Types
3.1 Voluntary
3.1.1 When someone asks for help to die
3.1.2 "Mercy Killing"
3.2 Non-Voluntary
3.2.1 Ending life of a patient so not to let them suffer
3.2.2 Patient not able to give consent
3.3 Active
3.3.1 Ending life by deliberate action
3.4 Passive
3.4.1 Withdrawing/withholding medical treatment Would only prolong suffering
4 Case Studies
4.1 Tony Bland
4.1.1 Brain damage Persistent Vegative state
4.1.2 Withdrawal of hyrdration & nutrition Non-voluntary/Passive
4.2 Diane Pretty
4.2.1 Motor Neurone disease wheelchair bound No bladder control Communication difficult
4.2.2 Wanted someone to help her die Voluntary/Active
5 Teaching
5.1 Bible Teaching
5.1.1 For ''Love your neighbour''
5.1.2 Against "Do not kill"
5.2 Church Teaching
5.2.1 All churches are AGAINST Euthanasia
5.3 Individual Christian Views
5.3.1 For Right to self determination Poor quality of life Inhumane to allow suffering People have the right to end their lives with dignity Money could be spent on someone else Family are suffering by seeing them in pain
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