2.5 Legislation

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2.5 legislation (start)

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2.5 Legislation
  1. Equal Pay
    1. Everyone payed the same ammount
      1. Male and female earn the same ammount if in the same job
      2. Sex Discrimination act
        1. People have to be payed the same
          1. A male can apply for a job normally done by women
          2. Race Discrimination Act
            1. You cannot treat someone differently because of there race
            2. Health and Safety
              1. This act ensures the health and safety of workers
                1. This includes safety equipment, guards on machines, breaks during the day
                  1. Bunesses have to train employees in health and safety
                  2. This means employees are more motivated as they feel safe
                  3. Employees rights
                    1. Employees are entitled to rights
                      1. They can join trade unions
                        1. They are entitled to maternity pay or temporary pay
                          1. Allowed time off for certain reasons
                          2. This will cost the business more but will improve motivation
                          3. Consumer Laws
                            1. Selling safe Products
                              1. Labeling the food
                                1. Weights and measures
                                  1. Unfair trading regulations
                                    1. The consumers credit act
                                      1. Benefits
                                        1. The customers grow trust in the business
                                          1. All standards are the same so the competition is fair
                                          2. Negative
                                            1. Increases costs
                                              1. Cannot sell products at higher prices
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