Human Geography

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Human Geography
1 The Development Gap
1.1 Small Scale Aid (Jakarta)
1.2 Obstacles to Development (Bangladesh)
1.3 An NGO (Farm Africa)
1.4 Fair Trade (Bananas, Dominican Republic)
1.5 Development Gap in the EU (France / Romania)
2 Changing Urban Environments
2.1 Improvement in the Inner City 1 (Hulme)
2.2 Improvement in the Inner City 2 (New Islington)
2.3 Managing Traffic (London Congestion Charge)
2.4 Revitalising the CBD (Bullring)
2.5 Cultural Mix in Urban Areas (Manchester)
2.6 Squatter Settlements (Rio De Janerio (Brazil))
2.7 Waste in Cities (Mexico City)
2.8 Sustainable Cities (London Transport)
3 Tourism
3.1 UK National Park (Lake District)
3.2 UK Coastal Resort (Blackpool)
3.3 Mass Tourism in a Tropical Country (Kenya)
3.4 Extreme Tourism (Antarctica)
3.5 Ecotourism (Lapa Rios in Costa Rica)

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