A452 Controlled Assessment Practical Investigation

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Created by sroberts4730 about 5 years ago
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A452 Controlled Assessment Practical Investigation
1 Research
1.1 Practical Investigations with Hardware and Software
1.2 Practical Investigation with online resources
1.3 Supplementary research = Web based enquiry, Contact with IT professionals
1.4 Research using computer industry publications
2 Assignment/Tasks
2.1 App Inventor
2.1.1 Online tool for creating apps
2.1.2 Uses a Block Programming Environment
2.1.3 All program blocks and designs should be planned, explained, annotated and when necessary, Screenshotted
2.2 App Details
2.2.1 App required to display map of a university campus Computers available in each building have to be shown on the map
2.2.2 Option to Cancel or Reserve a Computer Numbers adjust accordingly when people make reservations or cancel
3 Requirements
3.1 Map of campus with at least 10 labelled buildings
3.2 The maximum number of computers in each building must be stored.
3.2.1 When the image of a building is touched it displays the available computers inside.
3.3 A reserve and cancel buttons must be created. The number of available computers adjust after making reservations or cancelling
3.3.1 Operating the cancel button should not increase the amount of computers above the maximum in the building
3.3.2 Feature that displays the location of computers in other buildings
3.3.3 Extra Features Describe an additional feature that would benefit the app Extend the original app with the new feature Explain all of the planning and code blocks used
4 Discuss the issues of planning the implementation of an online database for the app

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