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  1. scientific study of behavior and mental processes
    1. 4 main goals
      1. describe behavior
        1. predict behavior
          1. explain behavior
            1. control behavior
            2. science
              1. use of scientific methods
                1. systematic research methods
                  1. use of scientific thinking
                    1. curiosity
                      1. objectivity
                        1. skepticism
                        2. pseudopsychology
                          1. approach to explaining and predicting behavior and events that appear to be psychology, but is not supported by empirical, objective evidence (doesnt use scientific method)
                        3. roots lie in philosophy and physiology
                          1. structuralism--early school of psychology that used introspection to determine the structure and most basic elements of the mind.
                            1. functionalism -- early school of psych that focused on the the function of thought processes, feelings, and behaviors and how they help us adapt to the environment.
                              1. Major perspectives
                                1. psychoanalytic-- unconscious conflicts at root of personal development
                                  1. behavioral-- human behavior as learned primarily through associations, reinforcers, and observations
                                    1. humanistic-- focuses on the positive and growth aspects of human nature
                                      1. cognitive-- considers the mental processes that direct behavior
                                        1. evolutionary-- examines the aspects of human behavior that are genetically passed along generations
                                          1. biological-- physiological and neurological basis of behavior
                                            1. sociocultural-- looks at the social and cultural influences that impact behavior
                                              1. biopsychosocial-- explains human behavior in terms of biological, psychological, and sociocultural behaviors
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