Psychology - Memory Stores

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Psychology AS - Memory Stores. Concepts and Types.

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Psychology - Memory Stores
1 Key concepts
1.1 Capacity
1.1.1 How much information the store holds.
1.2 Duration
1.2.1 The length of time the store fold information.
1.3 Encoding
1.3.1 The way the information is put into the store.
2 Types
2.1 Sensory Memory
2.1.1 A set of limited capacity, modality specific stores that hold information for a brief period of time. Iconic (sight) Echoic (hearing) Olfactory (smell) Haptic (touch)
2.2 Short Term Memory (STM)
2.2.1 A temporary store where small amounts of information can be kept for short amounts of time.
2.3 Long Term Memory (LTM)
2.3.1 A permanent store where limitless amounts of information can be stored for long periods of time.
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