Behavioural Genetics

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Behavioural Genetics
1 Hans Jürgen Eysenck
1.1 Was the lead author on a publishes study about whether neuroticism is inherited.
1.1.1 His test was a twin study. Where he used 25 pairs of fraternal twins and 25 pairs of identical twins. Identical twins have the same genes Fraternal twins have only about half the same genes. Eysenck's study found that neuroticism seemed to be overwhelmingly determined by genetics with about 80% stemming from biological factors and only 20% from environmental ones.
2 Neuroticism
2.1 A general tendency to experience negative emotions.
3 Extend to which traits are inherited.
3.1 Family studies, Twin studies and Adoption studies.
4 Concordance rates is where it indicates the proportions of pairs in given studies in which both idividuals exhibit the trait in question.
5 A Correlation Coefficient measures the extent to which the prevalence of a trait in one person match or diverges from the prevalence of the same trait in another.

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